The company has been marketing its exclusive products using the brand name “Plauspitz” since 1995. This brand is subject to constant updating and upgrading. The short and striking brand name “Plauspitz” means that it is easy to remember and has its origins in the company name: Plauener Spitze und Stickereien GmbH.

The new millennium with its new challenges and customer demands requires greater sensitivity and feeling, but also a sense of passion. We have deliberately created the new brand called “AMOR’E-DESIGN” in order to satisfy these emotions. AMOR’E – this divine power has been the synonym and symbol of human love for thousands of years. We not only want to communicate to you a love of decorations and cosiness in your home, but also inspire your interest in our new collection.

We, the team members at Plauener Spitzen und Stickereien GmbH, are looking forward to working with you for many years and are ready to support you in both word and deed.